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were simple?

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hello there!

I’m Whitney.

A recovering perfectionist who used to live in chaos. I thought if it couldn’t be perfect, then why get started. 

That was until I got tired of stress ruling my life. Now, I live an organized and balanced life. I simplified my home, time, and budget and found room to breathe. All it took was some good ole hard work… Are you up for it?














Do you ever look at someone and wonder: 

How can they be happy all the time?

I'm capable, so why am I stuck in this funk?

Why is everyone happy, and I'm overwhelmed?

Am I just a negative person?

If this is your struggle, I have the best news ever: you’re not a negative person. We weren’t programmed to have a positive or negative outlook, that’s just not how it works. Oftentimes, when we feel this way we’re living in a gap. We know what we need to do: be happy. But, we don’t know how we can do it. I’m here to help you bridge that gap. I’m here to help you rewrite your mind + optimize your life.


Because you deserve to be happy!


Ready to be an Optimist Prime?

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