It’s my mission to help YOU find happiness in every single day by cutting out the junk and optimizing Your life.

Do you ever look at someone and think, how can they be happy all the time? I am a smart, capable person so why am I stuck in this funk? Why does it seem like everyone else can find happiness, but I just feel stressed and overwhelmed? Have you ever thought, maybe I’m just a negative person?

If this is your struggle, I have the best news ever: you’re not a negative person. We aren’t programmed to have a positive or negative outlook, that’s just not how it works. Oftentimes, when we feel this way we’re living in a gap. We know what we need to do: be happy. But, we don’t know how we can do it. I’m here to help you bridge that gap, inspire yourself, and work hard for your happiness.

Because you deserve to be happy!

Hey, I’m Whitney.

Or you might know me as The Optimist Prime. I live in Kansas, surrounded by sunflower fields and unfortunately no yellow brick road to Oz. If you were to come over you’d probably find me with planner in hand, computer on my lap, puppies cuddled next to me, and my super-hot husband doing demo on our house in the background. Oh, and I can’t forget the constant cup of coffee to fuel my day!

I’m a recovering perfectionist who used to have a very real fear of failure. That was until I got tired of stress living my life for me. Now, I love how easy it is for me to smile during every season of life. All it took was some good ole hard work… are you up for it?

Here’s the lens I live my life through:


in·spi·ra·tion (n.) Something good that causes you to want to do or achieve something.


mo·ti·va·tion (n.) Enthusiasm, willingness, or reason for accomplishing a particular action.


pos·i·tiv·i·ty (n.) The practice of being optimistic in attitude towards situations, accepting things as they are.

A Little About Me…

 Let me start by letting you know I’m not naturally an optimist. Not too long ago I lived in chaos: clothes in piles on the floor, procrastination was my key to success, and my perfectionist self was too afraid to try anything new because I might fail.

There was no single moment that changed my life. No miracle cure to a positive mindset. It wasn’t a switch I could simply turn on.

I started to realize I was tired of listening to the negative lies in my mind about not being kind enough, smart enough, good enough. And I was ready to be happy. Thankfully, the head-strong child in me never left, so I pushed those thoughts aside and got to work on the basics: my mindset and external stressors.

Changing my mindset and habits took constant effort, but soon people would ask ME how I could be so happy all the time. They would even ask at 4 AM in a coffee shop! And before long, my mindset had changed. My perfectionism was controlled. And, I had created systems to keep my home, time, and budget organized. Ultimately…

I cut the stress & optimized my life.

My goal is to provide the tools, guides, and motivation to help you kick life’s booty, too. Since I took the hard route to find happiness in every moment of life, I’ve already done a lot of the work. Here is my cliff notes version just for you.

We can do this!


Download your Decluttering Checklists Freebie right now! Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed! I’ll take you room by room to tackle all the stuff cluttering your home and mind. Get rid of background distractions, make room for priorities, and live a happier life!

Here are those cliff notes

change your mindset

Quit believing those lies in your head. I’ll help you get out of your head and approach problems with a whole new outlook.

Optimize your life

Get rid of all the junk muddling your mind. We are going to tackle three areas to help optimize your life.

Get the free stuff

Who doesn’t love freebies? Here are the tools I still use to help me stay an Optimist Prime.

Ready to rewrite your mind + Be An Optimist Prime?

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