What is life at 110?

Life at 110 is a life where you are working to squeeze every drop of experience out of the lemon of life, while still enjoying your lemonade.

That was an odd metaphor… I promise it’ll make more sense in a moment!

First, I want you to think back to your middle school years with me here. This was likely one of the first times you had a chance to earn extra credit. Where you the kid that put off your studying until the night before and hoped for a passing grade? Or maybe you were the kid that studied for a week straight, had your parents test you, and just needed an “A”? I’ll even include if you were the kid that didn’t study and a red-penned “F” didn’t phase you?

Now, who looked at the extra credit as part of the test instead of a crutch for more points?

Did you view extra credit as the expectation, and not the goal?

Something important comes from your answer to that last question, so I’ll ask it again. Did you view extra credit as the expectation, and not the goal?

If you’re not sure, you can read the story about little baby Whitney and see just what that looks like!

Because, those very crucial years that were molding your problem-solving skills, work ethic, and emotional responses, were also molding how you live your life today. There is a clear correlation between how we viewed goals and expectations during our younger years and how happy we are with our lives today!



I mean 110% sounds pretty intense? Why isn’t 100% good enough?


Some of you will be thinking why isn’t 100% good enough? Isn’t 100% perfect? You can’t live life that intense all the time. Well, negatrons…

Companies report yearly growth well over 100%, so statistically achieving 110% isn’t the problem. Actually, it all depends on how we define what our baseline is. For me, 100% is what can be consistently achieved for each person. Your baseline probably won’t look the same as mine.

To put it simply, those that view extra credit as the expectation just aren’t satisfied with a consistent 100%.

We have more to give. We don’t want to be part of the majority, look forward to being an outlier, like setting goals, and love achieving them. If you say “it’s impossible,” we are the ones who will make it possible.

It’s not enough to just live life how it comes, we make life the life we want to live.

We squeeze the extra credit out of every moment in life. See where that lemon metaphor comes into play?

What’s more, those of you who want to live life this way understand that when you achieve 110% it is the greatest feeling ever. It motivates you to live that way the next day. Week. Month. Year.

It makes us HAPPY!

If you’re reading this and think 110% sounds too intense, then maybe you like living without extra credit. And that’s okay! Each of us needs to experience life in our own way.

But if you have that feeling of excitement, motivation, maybe even a little intimidation, please stay and live life at 110% with me.



How can I live life at 110?


All of this talk of extra credit and lemonade and motivation, but how in the world can you implement this mentality into your life?

How can you have a life at 110%?


01| Visualize & Write Down


After reading this close your eyes and visualize what you want your life to be. Are you traveling? Own a business? Raising a family? Volunteering constantly? Think about where you live, what you’re doing, who you’re with, how you feel.

Take what you see and write down what your life looks like.

Next, think about why that is your personal extra credit. Why do those things speak to who you are?

Write your why down next to your visualization.

Congratulations! You have just discovered what your life at 110% looks like. But how to achieve it, live 110% right now, and enjoy life while doing all that takes these next steps.


02| Identify Lemon Seeds


Before we can make lemonade out of our lemons, we have to take out those pesky seeds. We have to find em, and get rid of em!

So now you need to find everything getting in the way of the life you visualized or anything causing you stress. These might be along the lines of student loan debt, excessive overtime, exhaustion, a cluttered desk, body image.

Write ALL of these down under your why.

There is no stressor or roadblock too small or big to include in this list. It could be a roadblock you might encounter in the future. Or maybe it’s one you never imagined yourself without. Dream big!


03| Learn to Conquer


This step is all about implementing processes to get rid of all the roadblocks you listed.

Step three is my favorite because I love finding systems and actively working to get rid of my lemon seeds. I believe we hold the power to eliminate that mental slump keeping us from leading positive, impactful lives. And it is because I believe so strongly that we control our happiness, I started this site to help others find their optimist within.

I promise to help you live an organized life free from a cluttered environment, mismanaged time, or sloppy budgeting.

You’ll find throughout this site information, guides, and resources to help you live at 110%. I want to teach you ways to get rid of those lemon seeds and not just remove them for you. Chances are if you’re giddy to live at 110% you don’t want me doing things for you!


04| Live Life


For much of my life, I’ve lived for my future. Always looking to better myself with something now because I’ll need it later. But all the while, I missed opportunities to experience life in the present.

I want to stop doing this, and I want you to do the same.

It’s very important not to skip this last step since this is what makes it all worthwhile. The entire time you’re visualizing, identifying, learning, and implementing… look around and enjoy the life you’re living right now.

Laugh right now.

Love right now.

Live right now.

Together let’s live our lives at 110%.



Stay Positive,

The Optimist Prime

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