My name is Whitney.

Optimist. Motivator. Organizer. Obsessed with smiling, systems, planners, coffee, and seeing potential in others.


But first…

I want to tell you a story about little baby Whitney. As a kiddo, I put crazy expectations on myself, expectations in school, creativity, sports. And for me, 110% was the expectation, not the goal.

I once came home bawling, holding my math test. As I crawled into my moms arms, she couldn’t have been more confused as to why I was crying, since she was looking at the “100% Great Job” written across the top. She hesitantly asked why I was upset when I had done so well. My answer?

“I didn’t get over 100%. I missed the extra credit question.”

Yeah, I was that kid.

So, what’s the point? That little misguided baby Whitney was on to something. But instead of putting that focus towards a math test, what if we all had that same drive to live our lives at 110%? What if we are that disappointed when we miss the “extra credit” in our lives?

Let’s face it… we stress ourselves out with the problems of life, but life is going to keep giving us these problems, that’s just what life does. So, instead of living in the past, or always chasing our future, how about we live our lives in the now.

I believe we hold the power to eliminate that mental slump keeping us from leading positive, impactful lives. Keeping us from living our lives not just at 100%, but 110%.

Lives free from the chains of financial burden, absence of motivation, or mismanaged time.

Perhaps most importantly, I want to inspire you to find your own optimist within. Together let’s live our lives at 110%!


Stay Positive,

The Optimist Prime

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