Quit Paying Late Fees: Download Your Free Printable

Free Monthly Bill Tracker Printable

Why do we EVER pay late fees?

Is it because due dates are all over the place? Distractions happen? Living life is way more fun than paying bills?

No way! Not anymore! Because here is a little downloadable I’ve created just for you (well maybe I created it when my water was shut off one time from a late payment, but we can stick with the first one…)

I urge you to utilize this Bill Payment Tracker to the fullest. Never miss a payment and hand over your hard-earned money to stinking late fees.

Hang it on the side of the fridge, or keep it in your financial folder. Wherever you keep it, USE IT!

Be sure to total your expenses each month to double-check your responsible spending… if expenses are trending upwards, that may be your que to dive deep into your budget.

Needing to set up a budget? Hop on over to my budget tutorial where we will go step-by-step to get you on your way to financial freedom.

Trust me… having your water shut off for no reason other than disorganization is no fun. And REAL embarrassing. Take charge of your finances. Find out where else you might be wasting money each month.


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