Growth vs Fixed: Are You Limiting Your Happiness?

Growth vs Fixed: What Is The Difference?

Perhaps you’ve heard these terms over the recent years: “Growth Mindset” and “Fixed Mindset”. But other than one sounding better, how do these terms affect us? Actually, knowing the differences between the two could be the difference between happiness and stress.

Let’s look as to why that is!

The Fixed Mindset


A Fixed Mindset is defined as the belief that you are born with a certain amount of intelligence or potential. What you have is what you get. If you fail at something, it’s proof that you’re not up to par. A real “this is just the way I am” attitude. But also, you might try to hide any imperfections, feel threatened by the success of others, or ignore useful feedback because you already know best.

Now contrast that with…



The Growth Mindset


A Growth Mindset that can be defined as the belief that we are capable of working hard to increase our potential and intelligence. Effort is necessary to achieve results and succeed. Failures never exist, they only show opportunities to learn from. You feel you have control over the outcome of your life. You seek out guidance, feedback, and challenges to change yourself for the better. Always improving upon who you were yesterday, because there is no limit to your abilities

It’s not too difficult to tell which one is better to have.

Now, I’m not saying that success and accomplishments have NOTHING to do with natural talent, or that if you put your mind to it you can be the best at everything. Unfortunately, natural talents and intelligence do play a part in our own strengths.

What is key, however, is having a growth mindset won’t make you the best but will make you your best!

It’s what makes life at 110% possible.



Your Growth Mindset And Your Happiness


Our minds have a powerful influence on our lives. How we view ourselves, our situation, or our whole world lies in the mindset hold.

What will your world look like if you have a fixed mindset?

You might think life is going along swimmingly, or maybe you’re just doing okay. But why expend more effort to make it better? You do the things you’re good at, and avoid anything you think you’ll be bad at. New experiences pass by because you might not be the best. After all, play the hand you’re dealt. Live your life the best you can. Life goes on.

Hmmm… I’m not feeling too inspired… let’s give that another try.

You’re life isn’t perfect, and you know that. But, you know with a little bit of effort you can make it better. Not only that, but you have the motivation to inflict change. Whatever the situation, it’s only temporary. You will fail LOTS, but you will try even more! You will do whatever you need to in order to find happiness everyday.

Take action – Be happy!

If you’re reading this maybe you’re feeling down and hoping to find inspiration. Here’s something to consider…

Everyone holds the power to make their life what they want it to be. Only you can tell yourself you can do it… you CAN be happy!



Actions To Start A Growth Mindset


This all sounds great, right? But where do you even start to cultivate a growth mindset?

This motivational list from Tales Of A Scrunchy Mom where she lists out 30 Ways to Develop A Growth Mindset!

Personally, I went through this list and highlighted my weaknesses, then asked my husband to highlight what he thought my weaknesses were. And they totally weren’t the same; in fact, it helped me have a whole new perspective on myself! I challenge you to do the same. Consider it your first step in asking for feedback.

You might not have yourself quite figured out. And that’s okay! You’re actively working to do so, and that is the best thing you can do.

Keep embracing challenges, ask for feedback, and be a better you than you were yesterday. And of course remember to stay positive!

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