How To Sell Textbooks for Cash

Let’s take a quick trip back to my freshman year of college. The price the campus bookstores charge for required textbooks is ridiculous! Purchasing these insanely expensive textbooks used up all my summer savings, and bookstore buy backs at the end of the semester did little to replenish it for the coming summer…

I know for a fact I wasn’t the only student in this predicament.

By my last year of school (and loads of debt later that we’re now paying off super quick), I FINALLY learned how to purchase textbooks cheap. And maybe more important, sell them elsewhere to earn WAY more money back than the campus bookstore!

Being able to use this system has meant going back to school for some. Others put the money they make to help offset some school loan debt.

If you have textbooks lying around (or want to make a few bucks lying in your pajamas), you’ll love what you can do with BookScouter!

For other ways to make money quickly, check out other side hustles to help offset killer textbook costs!

What Even Is BookScouter?


BookScouter is a site that allows you to plug in a book’s ISBN number and with one click search 42 buyback vendors. Thus, giving you the ability to compare and choose the best vendor buyback prices for your book! Click your vendor and you’re done.

No, seriously, it is that simple.

AND, if that wasn’t convincing enough, BookScouter users leave ratings and reviews for their vendors. So, you can have even more confidence you will be paid a great price for your books.



Here’s How To Actually Make Money


If you have textbooks lying around like I did, you might be sitting on a great lucrative, and addictive side hustle. After scanning my textbooks with the BookScouter App, I made $300 in a matter of minutes!

But once you sell your books, where do you find more? I mean… getting back at those overpriced bookstores felt pretty good, huh?

Or maybe you want to start this side hustle, but don’t know where to find books to sell back.

Get creative looking in places people would sell books for cheap. Some of my favorites are:

I’ve found textbooks to sellback at garage sales and small book stores that have instantly made $10 here and $20 there.

Ebay has millions of textbook auctions going on each day (which you can monitor in those same pajamas). Craigslist has textbook bundles for sale where you can put on your haggle and drive the price down even more.

Something you’ll especially love about BookScouter is you have an IMMEDIATE buyer for your books! No more holding on to products in hopes that they sell quickly, no more inventory overhead to hold on to, and no more time spent fixing it up to sell for more.

You already know what your profit margin will be, before you have to put a penny towards this investment.

That’s is one smart flip!

What successes have you had selling your textbooks for cash? What additional tips have you discovered? Share your story with us!

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